Episode Quatre

June 12, 2017

In this lil' diddly of an episode, we dive into This Is Stupid face first and jabber about absolutely nothing! It's great! It's what we do best!

But we also planned for a lot to happen and just assembled what we could fit into our top rated podcast, and we ended up talking to Steven Gray, frontman and vocalist of the emo/punk band Dikembe. He was kinda weird, but we scored our first guest interview with that guy so we're thankful.  If you didn't get a chance, make sure to give a listen to our earlier episode.

We also talked about Alien: Covenant and our experience seeing the movie in 4DX at our local Regal theater. We don't talk about the actual content in Alien: Covenant, but we do talk about 4DX a lot. Don't know what 4DX is? Know what 4DX is but never got to try it out? Are you interested in water canons? Just listen to Episode Cuatre and find out.

We had a chance to read and gawk over Tyler Landry's Retrofit/Big Planet Comic release, Shit and Piss. The small comic was disgusting. We talked about it for like five minutes on that podcast, so there's also that in there.

SideOneDummy signees and kickass pop-punkers Rozwell Kid are releasing their upcoming album Precious Art next week, but we've already heard the record and have a 100% informative, objective opinion on it. Spoiler: We have some feelings about Precious Art. And "Wendy's Trash Bag" is a fucking great song.

One of us eats a Wonder Ball.

All that and more on Episode Cuatre of This Is Stupid!


Episode Drei

May 29, 2017

This Is Stupid Episode Drei is up and it's pretty funny. And as always, of course. We're dumb, stupid, lazy, apathetic, awkwardly silent and damn witty. Want proof? Just hit play and listen down below.

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In Episode Drei (that means episode three for those folks not fluent in German), we review Smidley's self-titled debut record from Triple Crown Records and Canadian horror/sci-fi movie The Void. We make public of our plans of seeing Alien: Covenant in our local movie theater's 4DX format! We also have our regular food hour segment in which we visit Taco Bell yet again and try their new Naked Chicken Chips. There's plenty of nonsense, banter and whatever you think you deserve to hear in those darn entertaining comedy podcasts.


Being one of the best podcasts to ever exist isn't always easy. Within the last month, we've struggled with putting out a consistent amount of work to hold you guys over until the next episode. This Is Stupid was releasing infrequently, and it upset not only us but also our millions of fans. But we're happy to announce that we're officially on a tight schedule. We've finally got it all figured out. Expect a new episode releasing bi-weekly from here on out!

We're also happy to announce that we've launched our official Patreon! Do you want us to drop episodes more frequently than every two weeks? Do you want us to perform more man-on-the-street style segments and interview special guests and musicians? Do you just want to give us a tiny bit of your money every month to help production costs? Head on over to our Patreon to find out how you can support This Is Stupid. Donate anywhere between $1 - $10 and give monthly to your friends at This Is Stupid.

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See ya in two weeks!


Episode Dos

April 11, 2017

Like, we actually did it, guys. We made a second episode.

Episode Dos was a month and some change in the making. After spending countless hours, weeks, month(s) in the production studios, we've recorded a follow-up to our breakout hit podcast, This Is Stupid. Episode Dos is roughly less than two hours in length to make up for our absence. We've hired a producer named Danny and he's made us sound even better.

In this episode, we talk Get Out, The Great Wall, Elvis, peanut butter sandwiches, Bruno Mars, birds, Chuck Berry, Last of Us, Meat Wave, Peep Oreos and more. This may be our best episode yet.

Download it down below, listen to it, subscribe to us on iTunes and tell all of your friends about us. It'll be worth it.



Episode Uno

March 2, 2017

This is it. This is the first episode of This Is Stupid. You're going to hear this and either be like, "wow, this is awful," or "eh, this is alright, I guess." Regardless the answer, this podcast exists.

And this week, we discussed many things. Flavors of Pocky, air fresheners, Pissed Jeans' newest record from Sub Pop Why Love Now, Noah Van Sciver's Fante Bukowski and we call Taco Bell. It's exciting, it's alright. It's stupid.