Episode Quatre

June 12, 2017

In this lil' diddly of an episode, we dive into This Is Stupid face first and jabber about absolutely nothing! It's great! It's what we do best!

But we also planned for a lot to happen and just assembled what we could fit into our top rated podcast, and we ended up talking to Steven Gray, frontman and vocalist of the emo/punk band Dikembe. He was kinda weird, but we scored our first guest interview with that guy so we're thankful.  If you didn't get a chance, make sure to give a listen to our earlier episode.

We also talked about Alien: Covenant and our experience seeing the movie in 4DX at our local Regal theater. We don't talk about the actual content in Alien: Covenant, but we do talk about 4DX a lot. Don't know what 4DX is? Know what 4DX is but never got to try it out? Are you interested in water canons? Just listen to Episode Cuatre and find out.

We had a chance to read and gawk over Tyler Landry's Retrofit/Big Planet Comic release, Shit and Piss. The small comic was disgusting. We talked about it for like five minutes on that podcast, so there's also that in there.

SideOneDummy signees and kickass pop-punkers Rozwell Kid are releasing their upcoming album Precious Art next week, but we've already heard the record and have a 100% informative, objective opinion on it. Spoiler: We have some feelings about Precious Art. And "Wendy's Trash Bag" is a fucking great song.

One of us eats a Wonder Ball.

All that and more on Episode Cuatre of This Is Stupid!


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